Space Requests

It is inevitable that the use and needs around campus space change over time. The Office of Space Planning supports these changing needs, in part through the analysis of space requests and supporting the Space Assignments and Capital Improvements (SACI) Committee, which makes recommendations to the Chancellor on space allocations. If you or your unit has a space-related need, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Conduct a self-assessment of your existing space. Think critically about your space needs and how functions can be accommodated. Questions to ask yourself and colleagues could include: 

  • Is there a solution that can be achieved through technology, infrastructure, or furniture? Consider work practice innovations so that new systems, equipment, or procedures can enable a more efficient use of space.

  • Can space be arranged as multifunctional, within your department or with partners achieve the needs or goals?

  • What, if any, current departmental spaces are underutilized?

  • How can existing space be repurposed to to meet these needs?

If a potential solution exists within your department’s existing space, but requires some level of redesign or renovation, consider the SUIP process.

Step 2: If the new space need cannot be met within existing departmental space, engage your Dean, Vice Chancellor, Vice Provost, or divisional leadership to identify existing space within your division's space portfolio that could meet this need. It is suggested that prior to this you document your needs and deficiencies of existing space as part of the written self-assessment (template). 

Step 3: If your needs can be met with the allocation of an existing space outside of your division’s allocation, work with your leadership to engage the leadership that manages that space. Agreements may be documented with a MOU. The Space Planning team can assist in the communication and negotiation for a permanent or temporary reallocation of spaces. 

Step 4: If no existing space is available and suitable for your space needs, complete an Academic Space Request using this form. This requires an endorsement from your Dean, Vice Chancellor, or Vice Provost.

Step 5: Upon submitting a request, staff from the Academic Space Planning team will reach out. Collaborate with the space planners as they examine and vet your space needs to identify possible solutions. Possible space solutions may then be presented to SACI for recommendations to the Chancellor.

If you have questions about these processes please contact us at