Process for Naming an Un-Named Building

NOTE: The committee responsible for analysis and recommendations to the Chancellor regarding the un-naming of a building falls with the Building Name Review Committee. 

The following is the process for the honorific naming of an un-named building, particularly those that have recently been un-named:

  1. Within two months* of receiving notification from the Chancellor's office directing Academic Planning to begin the honorific naming process, the Vice Provost for Academic Planning may elect to convene a sub-committee of SACI to solicit proposals from the campus community (proposal template forthcoming).
  2. The SACI subcommittee will be comprised of at least three members of SACI (one of which will serve as chair), at least four at-large faculty representatives, plus the deans (or dean's designate) of the affected building. Staff for the committee will be provided by either a member of the Division of Academic Planning, or by someone within the affected dean's office. 
  3. The subcommittee is responsible for requesting honorific naming proposals from the campus community, with specific requests being sent to the ASUC, Graduate Assembly, Academic Senate, and other stakeholders (e.g., campus community groups). 
  4. The subcommittee will review all proposals, contemplate, and submit a written report to SACI with a prioritized list of recommended honorific names with a rationale for each. Each recommendation must include a brief history, including (if necessary) names of experts who have vetted the historical accounts. 
  5. At its next regularly scheduled meeting, SACI will review the priortitized list, contemplate, and submit a final recommendation to the Chancellor. SACI may submit its own list of recommended names separately from the list submitted by the subcommittee. If SACI chooses to submit a separate list of recommended names, both reports from SACI and the subcommittee must be submitted to the Chancellor.
  6. The Chancellor is responsible for the final decision and must request and receive approval from the UC President before implementing the decision. 
  7. Upon approval from the UC President, a campus-wide message will be sent declaring the new building name. Academic Planning will work with all associated campus representatives to make the building name change.

*The VPAP will convene the subcommittee within two months of notification during the fall or spring academic term. If notification is received within two months of the end of the spring semester, or it is deemed that the subcommittee may not complete their analysis and recommendation prior to the end of the spring semester, then the subcommittee will be formed the following fall semester.