SACI Membership and Schedule

2024-2025 SACI Membership

  • Lisa Alvarez Cohen, Vice Provost for Academic Planning, Chair
  • Pradeep Chhibber, Professor of Political Science, Faculty Senate Representative
  • Eric Falci, Professor of English, Undergraduate Council Representative
  • Wendy Hillis, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Campus Architect
  • Jennifer Johnson-Hanks, Executive Dean of Ungeraduate Studies, College of Letters and Sciences
  • Dania Matos, Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion
  • Sally McGarrahan, Associate Vice Chancellor and Campus Architect
  • Nicholas Paige, Professor of French, CAPRA Representative
  • Ben Perez, Manager of Physical Access Compliance
  • Sarah Reed, University Registrar
  • Steve Sutton, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Kathy Yelick, Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Faculty Graduate Council Representative TBA
  • Undergraduate Student Representative TBA
  • Graduate Student Representative TBA


  • James Ford, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff for Academic Planning
  • Maria Garcia-Alvarez, Director of Space Planning
  • Evelyn Parnell, Academic Space Planner
  • Emily Strange, Executive Assistant for Acadmeic Planning
  • Andrew Weiss, Academic Space Planner

Fall 2024 Meeting Schedule

October Meeting TBA

November Meeting TBA

December Meeting TBA