Policies on Memorial Trees and Dedicated Benches

Policy on Memorial Trees

The Campus Landscape Architect manages requests for gifts of tree planting on campus in the memory of a member of the faculty, students, or staff. The following conditions apply to the acceptance of a gift to plant a tree.

The campus is pleased to accept a gift to cover the purchase, delivery, and installation of a 24" box tree.

The Campus Landscape Architect will help the donor select an appropriate species and an appropriate location.

The Campus Landscape Architect will coordinate the installation and maintenance with the Grounds operation.

Neither plaques nor commemorative markers are permitted on donated trees, although the donors are welcome to arrange a ceremony as a dedication.

The campus may, at its discretion, dedicate a tree(s) or grove(s) in recognition of another individual or entity, though this is not typically done until the tree is of significant size and maturity, which may be many decades after planting.

The tree becomes the property of the University and the campus staff cannot guarantee the perpetuation of the tree.

The campus will not formally record the memorial.

Policy on Dedicated Benches

Upon the recommendation of the Space Assignments and Capital Improvements Committee (SACI), the Chancellor has approved this policy for dedicated benches on the campus.

Three types of dedications on benches are acceptable:

  1. Benches inscribed as class gifts are a recognized tradition and will continue to be encouraged.

  2. Proposals for benches to recognize special groups or individuals having campus-wide significance may also be presented to SACI for consideration.

  3. The campus encourages significant donations to enhance the landscape, and such gifts may be recognized with a dedicated bench. This category is limited specifically to landscape improvements and is not extended to donor recognition in general. It is expected these will be fairly major gifts, but the actual dollar amount should be established as part of more specific guidelines for such donations.

Dedications on benches are limited and are not used to raise small amounts of money to refurbish or add benches, or as a general means of donor recognition.

Repair of benches is a part of campus maintenance and is funded through the usual channels for such work.

The Campus Landscape Architect, with the approval of SACI, will identify locations where dedicated benches would be appropriate. Only such locations are considered for dedicated benches, and the wording to appear on the benches is subject to review by SACI. Donors of benches should be encouraged to include a contribution of endowment monies for maintenance and repair. Donors also need to understand that the location of benches may be changed in the future at the discretion of the University as circumstances change.

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