Principles for Permanent Relocation of Programs Lost Through a Construction Project

If a construction project displaces an existing program, requiring its permanent relocation, the project's funding plan must include the cost of the move itself and improvements needed at the new site to provide space and functionality equivalent to the program's existing space. Any additional improvements or any expansion of space will be the responsibility of the program.

The new location of a program should reflect campus planning principles. The Space Assignments and Capital Improvements Committee (SACI) will review a proposed reassignment of space in connection with a project.

Leased space may be considered when campus-owned space is not available or is not appropriate. In such cases, programs that are not primarily State-supported (such as auxiliaries or grant-supported research units) are expected to fund the cost of their space. Subject to negotiation, some portion of the cost of leased space may be covered by a project during a transition period not to exceed two years.