Space Utilization Incentive Program (SUIP)


Space on the UC Berkeley campus is a finite and valuable resource. As opportunities for new building construction are limited by physical and financial constraints, growing space demands place increased pressure on our existing (and aging) portfolio of buildings to be used for greatest effect. To that end, the Vice Provost for Academic Planning (VPAP) oversees a cost-sharing program to support improvements in space utilization to accommodate growing programmatic needs and increased student enrollment.


Increase the usability and utilization of building spaces for teaching, research, and administration while fostering a culture of responsible stewardship.


This program targets minor capital improvement projects, up to $250,000 each, in support of teaching, research, or administration to improve the utilization of space on campus. Space Management staff will partner with academic and administrative units to develop proposals for projects that meet the objectives of the SUIP program. Creative and collaborative solutions that support cross-campus efforts and address long-term space needs will be encouraged.

SUIP matching funds have a $125,000 maximum per project. Proposing unit(s) will be expected to cover at least 50% of the total cost of their proposed project. However, proposals for high-impact projects under $15,000 without cost-share will also be considered.

As of Fiscal Year 2023 SUIP is funded with $500,000 on an annual basis from Deferred Maintenance funding.


The program will be administered by VPAP Space Management staff with oversight provided by the Space Assignments and Capital Improvements Committee (SACI).

Project proposals should be submitted by academic and administrative units via the SUIP Proposal Submission Form. The VPAP office will send a call letter to Deans and Chairs inviting units to submit project proposals. Proposals will be accepted on an ongoing basis. Staff will follow up with the submitting unit to refine the project proposal in collaboration with campus partners. SACI will review proposals each semester.


Projects that promote the highest and best use of campus space, in accordance with the Campus Principles for the Management of Space, will be considered for inclusion in the program, particularly those that accomplish one or more of the following objectives:


Example Project

Increase utilization density, particularly in modern, high-performing buildings

Purchase and install additional desks in an office; remove a wall to increase capacity

Create new usable space from existing space

Convert storage or circulation space to office space

Improve functionality of space

Remove outdated equipment in a laboratory; remove excess files, supplies, and furniture in an office

Extend hours of occupancy

Allow for after-hours access by student groups

Support collaborative sharing of facilities

Renovate open-plan GSI or GSR office for use by multiple departments

Provide additional General Assignment (GA) classroom space

Renovate departmental classroom that can be used part-time (50%) for GA

Enable space to be used to its fullest capacity

Install a second egress door to increase maximum occupancy of a classroom