Policy on Evaluation of Space Assignments as Part of the Surge Space Planning Process

If a construction project requires that a unit be relocated temporarily, a review of its existing space assignment should be carried out under the auspices of the Space Assignments and Capital Improvements Committee (SACI) prior to moving the unit.

A typical process would be to survey the existing space in detail, collect relevant data, appoint a space review subcommittee of SACI to examine the information, tour the space in question, discuss space use and needs with the unit, and report the conclusions for review by SACI.

Such a process provides an opportunity to evaluate the amount and kind of space assigned to the unit, how effectively the unit is using its space, what is needed when the unit is surged, whether there are existing deficiencies that should be considered for correction on a permanent basis, and whether any of the unit's space should be reassigned or reconfigured for other purposes.

The review should include consideration of the unit's permanent location in the context of current campus planning principles.