External Review Committee

Experienced and Respected Scholars Who Participate in Academic Program Reviews

Each APR includes the participation of at least three extramural reviewers, the External Review Committee (ERC). This is an opportunity for units to discuss challenges and options with knowledgeable, respected, and experienced colleagues.

The ERC spends one to one-and-a-half days visiting the unit, depending on the unit’s size and range of subfields, and an additional day on campus writing its report. The following criteria guide the selection of potential reviewers:

  • Scholars who are widely acknowledged to be of national and/or international eminence, who are also noted for good judgment and objectivity
  • Individuals connected with, and with good experience in, departments and institutions comparable to UC Berkeley
  • Scholars reflective of the gender and ethnic diversity in the field and those from a mix of public and private institutions
  • Scholars representative of the major subfields within the department and the discipline; and those with broad knowledge of the discipline as a whole.

In addition, an Academic Senate Faculty Liaison “at large” is appointed for each review. This faculty member accompanies the ERC during the site visit.

The schedule for the ERC's visit to the department or professional school is designed by the unit. It includes meetings between the ERC, the PROC and the dean, before and after the ERC visits the unit. During the site visit, the ERC and Senate Liaison also meet with the unit’s faculty (including Continuing Lecturers and Teaching Professors), undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, and staff, as well as directors or representatives of cognate or embedded units. 

ERC members will find information here concerning travel to UC Berkeley and related guidelines.