University Hall Building Management Plan

This building management plan for University Hall was developed by the University Hall Building Committee. 


  1. This building management plan creates a structure to address building-related issues; from overseeing building operations to occupant safety.

  2. Space assigned to a department is administered by that department, school or college (also referred to as: occupants/group).

Building Management

  1. The Building Manager is responsible for the physical aspects of the building, its maintenance and operation.

  2. The Building Committee consists of a designated representative from each department assigned space within the building. The building committee meets bi-monthly or as needed.

  3. The Building Committee develops general building protocols and provides input to the Building Manager on issues of a non-routine nature. The Building Manager (or designee) chairs the Building Committee and keeps the committee informed on an ongoing basis.

  4. Building Committee members act as liaison between their department and building management. Committee members are responsible for understanding emergency preparedness and other building protocols and relating this information to their department.

  5. The Division of Academic and Space Planning will post the building management plan on their website under Governance of Multi-Unit Buildings.

Conflict Resolution

  1. The University Hall Building Committee and the Building Manager will resolve building management related disputes. If conflict resolution efforts are not successful, the issue will be escalated to the appropriate deans and directors. If the additional efforts are not successful the issue will be forwarded to the Space Assignments and Capital Improvements Committee (SACI) for resolution. SACI's decision will be final.

Shared Space

  1. Commons space, e.g. select conference rooms and outdoor spaces, will be available to all occupants and to other campus units.

  2. The following general principles for reserving conference rooms and other commons space will be observed:

    1. Space will not be reserved more than three months in advance. (Exceptions will be considered, see point d below); and, Room 150 is exempt as it operates under its own set of guidelines.

    2. If reserved space is no longer needed, that space will be released as soon as possible, (cancelling at least two-days prior would be preferred).

    3. No reservations will be canceled or altered without consent of the person or unit who reserved the space.

    4. Any exceptions to these principles will be brought to the Building Committee for approval.

Funding Building Management and Costs

  1. All departments assigned space in the building will pay for building services based on a pro rata share of building space. Billing will be administered by the building management office and will be based on share of space within the billing period. Charges will be promptly sent to departments’ assigned space in the building on a quarterly basis.

  2. VPASP maintains the system of record for space assignments, upon which billing is based. It is the responsibility of each department to maintain its space profile within this system. Costs for any sub-assignments of space will be the responsibility of the department or unit loaning the space.

  3. The Building Committee will set an annual baseline operating budget which will be shared by all occupants on a pro rata space base. This annual budget will include core building service charges as well as any agreed upon maintenance, repair, or improvement projects for that year. All costs outside the approved annual budget will come back to the committee for prioritization and approval (other than any necessary or urgent/unforeseen repairs or services). Only actual costs will be billed to units.