Joint Planning Committee for Academic Buildings (JPCAB)

Joint Planning Committee for Academic Buildings (JPCAB) is charged with creating and overseeing the process of opening a limited number of campus buildings for the following essential usage:

  • Preparation for Remote Instruction (lecture preparation, asynchronous instruction recording; lab/studio course preparation, recording)

  • Instructional Delivery (delivery/support of synchronous remote instruction; delivery/support of approved in-person instruction once approved to resume)  

  • Access for Critical On-Campus Research (required access to resources only available on campus, e.g. secure data, access to collections)

  • Other Essential Business (required access to campus to support the above activities or maintain business continuity, e.g., student records, equipment, check processing, receiving, construction, Library, etc.)

QUESTIONS: Please email for any questions related to density planning of a building or the process.


Directed by these guidelines, and following this process, JPCAB is responsible for approving plans to resume limited essential activites.

For instructions on requesting access for essentail activity on campus, please follow the links below which are divided by building's operational phase:

  • If a building is not yet approved to be opened, departments can request opening approval by following these instructions.
  • Once a building is opened, departmentscan request approval for an increase in occupant density or additional activities, such as in-person instruction, by following this checklist.
  • If a building will not be opened, instructions with offices in these buildings may request access to other campus spaces by following these instructions.



Lisa Alvarez-Cohen, Vice Provost, Academic Planning
Maximilian Auffhammer, George Pardee Jr. Professor of International Sustainable Development & Associate Dean
Elizabeth Brashers, Chief of Staff to the Vice Chancellor for Research
Courtney Chandler, Senior Assistant Dean & Chief Strategy & Operating Officer, Haas School of Business
Shawna Dark, Chief Academic Technology Officer
Marc Fisher, Vice Chancellor, Administration
James Ford, Chief of Staff, Academic Planning
Maria Garcia-Alvarez, Principal Space Planner
Benjamin Hermalin, Vice Provost for the Faculty
Patrick Holmes, Director of Internal Communications
Jennifer Johnson-Hanks, Professor of Demography and Sociology
Catherine P. Koshland, Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education
Andrew Kraus, Cal Performance Information Systems ManagerTherese Leone, Deputy Campus Counsel
Sally McGarrahan, Associate Vice Chancellor - Facilities Services
Owen G. McGrath, Director, Educational Technology Services
Rhiannon Pelagia Lewis, EVCP Analyst
Amy Robinson, Assistant Executive Dean
David Robinson, Chief Campus Counsel
Andrew Weiss, Academic Space Planner, Academic Planning
Linda Rugg, Associate Vice Chancellor of Research
Seamus Wilmot, Director of Parking & Transportation
Walter Wong, University Registrar