Academic Program Review

The APR Schedule is currently under revision due to COVID-19. 

All program review site visits for the remainder of 2020 have been postponed. We are currently developing an updated program review schedule. 

The Academic Program Review (APR) process supports UC Berkeley's efforts to sustain excellence in each scholarly discipline, as well as in pedagogy and research, and to build a strong and inclusive academic community, in line with campus priorities. Overseen by the Program Review Oversight Committee (PROC), a joint Academic Senate-Administration committee, the process is designed to be forward looking and is an essential element in Berkeley’s institutional accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). 

Each  APR presents an opportunity for the unit and the campus to:

  • Take a comprehensive look at the unit, informed by recent data trends, and to evaluate its opportunities, challenges, and plans for the future
  • Explore critical areas to maintain and enhance the unit’s strength and standing in the field
  • Determine the core and cutting-edge areas in teaching and research for the immediate and long-term future
  • Meet diversity goals and build inclusive communities
  • Examine the curriculum to align with the changing trends in the field
  • Review and plan faculty workload
  • Establish clear priorities to guide faculty FTE requests, and
  • Inform the UC Berkeley administration about unit issues, and to provide input for better decision-making at all levels.

Throughout the academic program review process, the Division of Academic and Space Planning provides advice as well as analytical and logistical support to academic units, the Program Review Oversight Committee (PROC), and additional reviewers. Specifically, our office is responsible for:

  • Advising the units under review
  • Providing data and analytical reports
  • Managing the academic review process throughout its lifecycle
  • Arranging logistics for reviews
  • Drafting outcome letters to departments and schools which convey the consensus of PROC and deans in support of a unit’s continued strategic planning and investment in their academic programs, and
  • Monitoring the reporting of activities following a unit’s review.

For more detailed information about the academic program review process, please see the Academic Program Review Guide.


Verna Bowie
Incoming Director, Academic Program Reviews


Anya Grant
Director, Academic Program Reviews