Academic Program Review Schedule

APR Schedule

Calendars, Reminders & Mid-cycle Check-ins

The cycle of academic program reviews was established by the Program Review Oversight Committee (PROC), in consultation with the deans and department chairs, based on the timing of the unit’s previous review and in consideration of an equitable annual distribution of reviews per dean.

The scheduling of the review of a particular unit can be amended only when the cognizant dean and the Vice Provost for Academic Planning agree that there is a confluence of exceptional circumstances warranting a change.

The Academic Program Review (APR) team will send an annual reminder (in September) to the administrative faculty and staff leadership for each academic unit. This email message will include:

Notice of the mid-cycle check-in will be provided as well, one year in advance.

See also APR Changes and Academic Units.


For questions about academic program reviews, please contact:

Anya Grant 
Director, Academic Program Reviews
California Hall, Room 241