Academic Program Review Guide

Guide for the Review of Existing Instructional Programs

The Division produces and regularly updates the Academic Program Review Guide, with detailed descriptions of the main elements and steps involved in unit reviews, including the following:

  • Selection of Programs for Review
  • Initiating Individual Reviews
  • Determining Focal Issues for the Self-Study
  • Data Summary
  • Self-Study
  • External Review Committee and Senate Participation
  • Steps in the Review Process.

In addition, the Guide includes a description of the process as well as a number of samples, including the following:

  • Academic Program Review Master Calendar
  • Unit Schedule and Mid-cycle Check-in Form 
  • APR Process Timeline
  • Suggested Questions for Discussion
  • Sample Schedule for External Review Committee Visit
  • Department Checklist 
  • Academic Program Review Support Team. 


For questions about academic program reviews, please contact:

Anya Grant 
Director, Academic Program Reviews
California Hall, Room 241